New Service Theme - Keep Forward, Value Innovation! 1.1.2015

To celebrate 100th anniversary in 2019, Yamato Group is aiming to be "Asia's No. 1 solution provider in distribution and lifestyle support". We committed ourselves to the development of a new foundation to drastically improve the speed, quality, and cost of our services. In order to meet societal demands of today, we keep forward to become the pioneer in the logistics industry by establishing new gateways in Japan and enhancing our international small lot logistics and delivery network.

To further optimize our logistics services, we are promoting "Value-Networking Design" - integrate delivery and non-delivery services to create numerous business models with new values. Non-stop logistics, International Cool TA-Q-BIN and visualization of logistics, to name but a few, are examples of our new concepts. We attach a high value to innovation of optimization of logistics services.