Possible Delay in Global Direct Delivery in Japan 14.9.2018

Please be informed that delay in Global Direct cargo delivery in Japan is likely to occur, especially in Osaka, Tokyo and Hokkaido, due to the below reasons:

  1. Typhoon No. 21 has caused suspension of service in Kansai International Airport. More cargoes are being shipped to Tokyo instead of Kansai. Length of time on customs clearance in Tokyo will probably be congested and delayed.
  2. Recent earthquake in Hokkaido has affected road transport in the area. Therefore TA-Q-BIN delivery in Japan may be delayed in this area.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that may cause you.

Please contact us by the below contact if you have enquiry regarding our Global Direct service, which involves TA-Q-BIN delivery in Japan:

Attention Tel. E-mail
Ms. Natalie Lo 2262 0634 taqbin_yil_cs@yamatohk.com.hk
Ms. Yuka Hashimoto 2262 0689 taqbin_yil_cs@yamatohk.com.hk
Ms. Mandy Wong 2262 0662 taqbin_yil_cs@yamatohk.com.hk

Thank you for your attention and kind understanding.