Yamato Holdings Start Using New KURONEKO Logo mark

~Advanced Logo mark Symbolizing New Value Provision Also Set to Be Established~

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office : Chuoku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Executive Officer : Yutaka Nagao) announces that it will start using an updated KURONEKO (black cat) logo mark and introduce an “advanced logomark” representing new value provision on April 1, 2021.

On April 1, the Yamato Group will be transformed into a new Yamato Group centering on Yamato Transport, which will bring together the Group companies’ diverse management resources.

The updated logo mark is a symbol representing the new Yamato Group’s vision and intention of being a partner supporting the management of individuals, corporations, and communities, enhancing its sustainability initiatives, and creating a logistics ecosystem that helps to resolve social issues as a part of society’s infrastructure , with the aim of achieving the supply chain revolution that will be required going forward .

1. The New KURONEKO Logo mark (Corporate Emblem)

The KURONEKO logo mark depicting a mother cat carefully carrying her kitten has been carefully cherished by all Yamato employees since 1957 as a symbol of the Group’s friendly, reliable services to become a logo that customers trust.

Without change to the thought put into the KURONEKO logomark, the design has been refined into a more future-oriented design that expresses Yamato’s intention to further evolve the services it improved day after day while integrating its activities with community, urban, and regional environments in a more harmonious manner.


A new advanced logomark that expresses and symbolizes the Group’s vision and proactive, innovative approach to addressing the challenges facing today’s fast-changing society and businesses will be established.

The Yamato Group will combine the expertise and networks it has cultivated to date with new ideas, technologies, and partnerships to create new services and businesses.

Please visit the dedicated website for details of the KURONEKO and advanced logomarks: Dedicated website

The corporate brand colors and company logotypes will also change.

■ Corporate Colors

There will be four corporate colors. The main colors will be the familiar black and yellow from the KURONEKO logomark, which will be accentuated with two additional secondary colors, white and gray.

While black and yellow will be valued, white and gray will be employed so that the colors blend more naturally into urban and regional environments without causing visual noise.

■Company Logotypes

New company logotypes have been developed that are consistent across the Yamato Group while preserving each company’s existing image.   

*These will apply to all companies operating in the Yamato Group, both in Japan and overseas.

3. Usage Start Date

The new logomarks will be segmentally introduced starting Thursday, April 1, 2021.