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Cross-border E-commerce

Directly linking a forwarding function with our TA-Q-BIN(parcel delivery service) network, we can provide a streamlined and efficient door-to-door distribution from Hong Kong to overseas.

The advantage of "Cross-border E-commerce" is the ability to deliver products directly right after they have passed overseas customs and TA-Q-BIN centres to domestic destinations.


  • Shorten lead time
    The parcel is delivered directly to its destination without passing through a domestic warehouse. Lead time required for domestic transfer has been shortened. The customer satisfaction can be enhanced.
  • Reduce domestic distribution cost
    Affixing of delivery labels and sorting according to destinations, normally performed at domestic warehouses is executed in the exporting country. This reduces domestic warehouse expenses, to cut down double handling costs.
  • Realize visualization of cargo flow
    By using a delivery label issuance system and freight traceability system, Yamato Group realizes visualization of freight in every stage from the exporting country until the destination. Customer can check cargo status any time easily.

Who benefits from this service?

  • Online shops
  • Manufacturers who produce custom-made, highly preference-based products