Vision Sharing In 2021 Cold Chain International Forum
發表於 2021年 November 18日,

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the cold chain industry. To facilitate corporates on mastering current industry trends, the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council had co-organized a webinar, namely “2021 Cold Chain International Forum” on 18 November 2021.

Mr. Katsuhiko Umetsu, the Executive Officer of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., is honored to be the guest speaker and provide fruitful insights with the Korea Institute of Logistics and 4 local Taiwan cold chain manufacturers in the forum, i.e. market visions, future technological and business prospects.

Yamato Group promotes food safety awareness by optimizing the temperature-controlled logistics and quality improvement. For instance, participation in development of ISO 23412, as well as the establishment of the cold chain consortium FRESH PASS with DPD Group. Mentioned measures are believed to reassure manufacturers’ and consumers’ concerns regarding fresh produce’s handling and delivery.

Full video at: 2021年冷鏈物流國際論壇 – 掌握新南向市場先機

Organisers: Bureau of Foreign Trade and Taiwan External Trade Development Council