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Domestics/international moving - one stop moving service, office relocation service


TANSHIN PLAN - Moving to Japan

Economic moving option for people with few items (To Japan)


International Cold Chain

Delivering the Freshness to You


Cold Store

Licensed by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department


Cross-border E-commerce

Streamlined and efficient door-to-door parcel distribution


Dangerous Goods Express

B2B/ B2C Dangerous Goods Delivery To Asia [ With Dangerous Goods Handling Qualification]


Logistics Services

Optimum Warehouse Management - Prompt, Flexible and Convenient

【Yamato Hong Kong】Experiencing Japanese-style Moving Services in Hong Kong

24 March, 2023
Yamato Hong Kong provides high-quality local and overseas moving. With our Hong Kong and Japanese relocation experts, Yamato HK satisfies your needs and provides customized solutions. You can rely on our personalized services and enjoy thoughtful relocation solutions.

We offer

  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce
  • HK Logistics Services
  • International Procurement Service
  • Cold Chain
  • Cross Border Trucking
  • Project Management
  • TA-Q-BIN
  • Walking Delivery
  • Moving
TA-Q-BIN Hotline: (852) 2829-2222 | Apple Shipment Hotline: (852) 3958-7000

TA-Q-BIN Pick-upTA-Q-BIN Re-delivery

TA-Q-BIN Hotline:
(852) 2829-2222
Apple Shipment Hotline:
(852) 3958-7000



Domestic Parcel Delivery Market Share in Japan

With “ALL FOR CUSTOMERS” as our motto, Yamato will continue to evolve in order to deliver parcels even faster and more reliably.


Over 20 Countries / Regions

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We are committed to treasure our staff of the highest calibre as our valued assets. By implementing a clear career structure, we strive to provide them with myriads of opportunities to learn and grow holistically.

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