Yamato Logistics (HK) drives its data to improve operational efficiency and expand new market
發表於 2022年 November 22日,

Data becomes essential under the trend of business digitalization currently. In order to leverage data more flexibly, Yamato Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited engaged Nextlink[1] to build a data pipeline, and migrate its database and applications to Amazon Web Service(AWS). It assists the enterprise in developing in-house systems more efficiently and streamlining existing operational processes, thereby improving service quality and capturing more opportunities.

Yamato Logistics develops an efficient, transparent, and automated freight management system. The system has been automated from the previous manual processing mode. Various departments are allowed to access accurate data via the interactive dashboard quickly. It enables them to flexibly use the data for sales analysis and adjust the flow to the prevailing conditions.

Yamato Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited strives to be a data-driven enterprise. The development of the FMS system is the beginning of data-driven, and the enterprise will have more projects regarding data-driven. It aims to predict logistics trends through data-driven to enrich business visibility and market sensitivity. The enterprise thus can provide customers with the most suitable transportation solutions, create new opportunities and explore new markets.


Yamato Logistics (HK) Streamlines Its Data for Increased Business Visibility, Analytics, and Insights to Innovate Its Logistics Operations
Nextlink 憑豐富產業經驗 提供 AWS 多元解決方案 榮獲 AWS Migration Partner of the Year (Services) 殊榮


[1] Nextlink certificated AWS Migration Partner of the Year(Service) in 2022