The celebration of Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd 40th Anniversary
發表於 2022年 October 27日,

Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Yamato HK”) has been established in 1982. In forty years, Yamato HK has witnessed the development of Hong Kong’s logistics industry. Sincerely thanks to the support and trust of customers, partners, and employees, Yamato HK has been able to continuously strive to optimize services and provide better transportation and delivery services to our customers.  As a member of the Yamato group, Yamato HK is consistent with its belief in treating customers with care and striving for the best. The firm has listened carefully to the needs of customers and is committed to providing customer-oriented services as well as developing a better logistics and distribution system for the district.


The logistics industry recently meets lots of changes and impacts under the rapid change of society. Yamato HK will persistently embrace the challenges. The 40th anniversary is Yamato HK’s significant milestone. It symbolizes the growth of Yamato HK in the logistics industry. In recent years, Yamato HK has digitalized the service, combining artificial intelligence and information systems, to provide better logistics services and supply chain solutions for our customers. Yamato HK develops an in-house parcel management system, to offer more stable, transparent, and efficient services for customers.  Yamato HK also strengthens the development of the door-to-door eCommerce service in response to the increasing demand for eCommerce. In terms of cold chain service, Yamato HK has been optimizing cold room facilities and delivery methods in recent years, and during this period, the firm is honored to be certified in several international certifications. The firm provides quality delivery services under the premise of ensuring food safety. Thus, the public can enjoy high-quality food imported from all over the world with assurance. In the future, the firm will endeavor to provide the most suitable logistics solutions based on the needs of customers.


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Yamato HK, Mr. Justin Nakagawa, Managing Director of Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd, Mr. Andy Heung, Deputy Managing Director and CSO of Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd, Mr. Stephen Yau, Deputy General Manager of Business Development of Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd and Ms. Makizawa Taeko,  General Manager of Quality Life Branch in GSCM Division Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd share their story and future direction of Yamato HK through the series of 40th anniversary celebration videos. The firm hopes that it will help the public to know more about Yamato HK from the perspective of the employee.


Last but not least, Yamato HK would like to thank all customers, partners, and employees once again for their support and trust. The firm promises that will continue to stick to its belief and dedicate itself to developing high-quality transportation and delivery services. Yamato HK will join hands with customers, partners, and employees to offer the best service to the public.


Here are videos of Yamato Logistics (HK) Ltd 40th Anniversary celebration: