Cold Chain Logistics – ISO 23412:2020 Certification Acquisition Sharing In HKLA Training
發表於 2022年 February 23日,

With escalating demand on food distribution and cold chain logistics professional (CCLP), the Hong Kong Logistics Association (HKLA) had held an online training for the industry – namely, “The Cold Chain Logistics Professional ISO23412:2020 Understanding Training” on 19 February 2022.

Mr. Chris Chan, the General Manager of Yamato Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited’s Global Supply Chain Management Division is honored to be the guest speaker for the introduction of ISO 23412:2020 groundworks and benefits.

Yamato Hong Kong clinches food safety awareness with the optimal temperature-controlled supply chain solutions and facilitates cold chain logistics development. As the first logistics firm with the ISO 23412:2020 certification in Hong Kong, we are dedicated to expediting the industrial benchmark for cold chain logistics.