Yamato be invited to share industry insights at GS1 HK Food Safety Forum 2022
發表於 2022年 September 8日,

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges and transformation to food safety standards and customer confidence. Mr. Chris Chan, the General Manager of Yamato Hong Kong’s Global Supply Chain Management Division was honored to be invited to the 2022 Food Safety Forum’s pioneers panel discussion, explaining the usage of big data and systems to ensure the industrial cold chain logistics quality and food safety. Meanwhile, the firm had also setup a booth at the venue to share and discuss traceable supply chain and temperature-controlled distribution with visitors.


Yamato Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited understands the growing demand for fresh food and respective food safety concerns from the general public, thus we have proactively invested in digitalization and in-house supply chain management systems. The firm leverages the barcodes (GTINs) to achieve high supply chain transparency and traceable food delivery for our valued customers.


As the first logistics corporate acquiring ISO 23412:2020 certification in Hong Kong, Yamato Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited focuses on food safety and strives to develop cold chain service. We endeavour the supply chain benchmark development and uplift customers’ food safety reassurance.


GS1 HK Food Safety Forum 2022:”Food Safety and Consumer Trust: Navigating the Road Ahead”

Organizer: GS1 Hong Kong